30 years of expertise

The ALFÖLDI Company as inventor, designer and manufacturer, has had a very strong presense in the sanitary appliances market for over 30 years, at first in Hungary anthen all over the East Europe. It is now the leading brand for small-bore sanitary macerators and pump. Our engineers develop today and tomorrow's products, constantly simplifying installation work and guaranteeing optimum quality.


Three-year guarantee and compliance with standards. ALFÖLDI pumps and macerators are manufactured in Hungary, and comply with the new European and international standards now in force (EN-12050-3, EN-12050-2 and EN-12050-1). The factory in which they are manufactured is quality products maked.

Easy installation

ALFÖLDI macerator provides the ideal solution for installing sanitary appliances almost anywhere with a minimum of construction work. Alföldi macerator/pump allows you to install complete wc and showering facilities where it is impossible to do so using traditional plumbing methods (eg remote from the drain, the basements etc.) it is very easy to install and to service.

Silence and safety

To provide a 6-decibel reduction in the noise levels transmitted, the ALFÖLDI range of macerators pumps has now been fitted on resilient mounts that absorb the resonant vibrations when the equipment is operating.This means that the noise levels transmitted are very low, and almost indistinguishable from background noise.

Peace of mind



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